Saturday, September 10, 2011

Making the news on 9/11

First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers go out to...

All of the friends and families of the direct victims of the 9/11 attacks;

All of the friends and families of the indirect victims of the 9/11 attacks, namely all of the people suffering, or that died, from cancers, lung diseases and other disorders that developed as a consequence of being part of a rescue team at Ground Zero;

All of the people that survived the attacks but are still suffering from psychological damages as a result of the traumatizing experience;

To all of the Muslims that that immigrated to Canada, United-States or European countries, to leave their respective countries, for a better life, and that were subjected to racism as a direct result of the 9/11 attacks (most of them were already rightful citizens of their new countries);


To all of the Muslims, living in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan, that died or that are still suffering from the consequences of wars that took place in response to the 9/11 attacks, although they never agreed with, nor they condoned, the 9/11 attacks.

May whatever or whoever you believe in bring you peace of mind and love in your heart.  As a gesture of respect and sympathy, the background picture of this blog (a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge) will be replace by a new one for our next article, on Sunday September 18, 2011.

However, even on such a sad day, the Modern Circus doesn’t take a break.  No rest for the wicked.  More than ever, we feel we have a duty to put the magnifying glass on the Modern Circus’ craziness that may reach a whole new level on the 10th anniversary 9/11.

A conversation overheard at a secret media meeting…

TV Executive Producer #1: The 10th anniversary of 9/11 will give us good ratings for a while.  But people don’t like to be sad for too long.  Fear!!! That’s what we need.

TV Executive Producer #2: Fear sells.  But it seems we have no luck with fear lately.

Dusty Sunshine, Weatherman (sometimes filling in as a sportscaster): Forget about it (with a Jersey…”Joysey” accent).  I was just in New York City, for the Irene hurricane.  I was expecting the worst, you know, a gold mine for us weathermen.  I was excited and anxious for Irene to arrive.  I had the feeling that it would be my moment.  But all the action happened in Vermont.  Irene barely showed up in New York…reminding me of my Prom date.  All in all, I had to stand in a puddle of water and mud pretending it was a catastrophe.  People were waiting for Dusty Sunshine to save the day.  All they got was a lousy wet willy.  That said, the weather for tonight: partly cloudy with lows in the upper 60’s…

TV Executive Producer #1: Ok. That’s enough, Wet Willy.  Shut it.

TV Executive Producer #2: What now?

TV Executive Producer #1: Well no hurricane in sight.  No contagious disease.  Remember when people feared to open their mail because of anthrax?  Or President Bush's color-coded terror alerts…now that was ingenious!  People would watch the news just to see what was going to be the color of the day.

TV Executive Producer #2: How about when people were buying gas masks in fear of a biological warfare and weapons of mass destruction?  We got, on tape, a man that bought gas masks for himself and his dog.  The scene was priceless.

TV Executive Producer #1: Those were the good ol’ days!  Fear…where have you gone?

TV Executive Producer #2: Gotta find something tragic.

TV Executive Producer #3: Got some breaking news for you guys.  A drunken moose!!

TVExecutive Producer #1: From Sweden? Old news. The moose got drunk from eating fermented apples, reached out for more fruits, slipped and got stuck in a tree.  It was released from the tree, sobered up and went back into the wild. Boring. Next!

TV Executive Producer #3: Wrong!  Turns out the moose had a drinking problem and was rushed to Dr. Drew’s rehab clinic in Pasadena, California.  As it was entering the premises, a car smashed the front entrance of the clinic, fatally injuring the moose.  Who was driving the car?  Lindsay Lohan.  She was drunk too.  Poetic justice, I guess.  Funny thing, she was chasing that woman who claimed Lohan terrorized her in a car chase, back in 2007.

TV Executive Producer #2: Alleluia!!  We are saved!!  Juicy…

TV Executive Producer #1: If it bleeds, it leads!!  I want a picture of the moose with his mother when it was a young moose.  I also want also a Swedish expert on meese, that speaks English, but with an accent…it sounds more credible.  Moose is the first story.  9/11 is the third.  We gotta find something better for the second spot…

TV Executive Producer #2: So who’s on second?

Dusty Sunshine, Weatherman (sometimes filling in as a sportscaster):  No! No! Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know is on third…

*Abbott and Costello rolling in their graves*

New Character(s) brought to this Blog: Dusty Sunshine, The Weatherman (sometimes filling in as a sportscaster) and TV Executive Producer #1, #2 and #3 (As members of The Drama Queen Media).

This week’s lucky number: Right in between 6 and 8 (yes…again!).

Personal message: To the guy listening to music with his headphones, that also happens to sing out loud, and completely out of tune: “Buddy, remember we don’t hear the music…only you”.

Quote of the week: You laugh because you think I’m different, I laugh because I just farted” – Last word freak…who actually got the last word, by default.

To do: Breathe in, breathe out (just not besides the Last word freak!!!).

Bad idea for a movie: Predator vs. Alien.

Great idea for a reality show: Barbed wire steel cage tag-team no-holds-barred match: Predator, Alien, Terminator, Jason (Friday The 13), Michael (Holloween), Freddy Kruger and Bill O’Reilly (as himself…fits perfectly in the group) vs. Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and The Kardashians.
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