Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Predictable Decline of an Empire

Many were not surprised by the economical decline of the United States of America (and to that, we raise our hand).  However, there is no doubt that President Barack Obama got a rotten deal.  All partisanship aside, he was bound to fail.  George W. Bush went to war and President Obama got the bill.  He also “acquired” the responsibility of finding a way to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan without creating a crisis.  And because such a crisis is almost inevitable, he will also have the burden to solve the crisis.

And, in the end, probably President Obama’s successor will get all the credit for the fruits of the dirty job accomplished.

As if it wasn’t enough, President Obama inherited of an economy of overspending.  We do not pretend to be experts in economics, finances or politics.  However, it does not take a degree from the London School of Economics to understand that spending more than you make will basically lead you to trouble.  We tried it in elementary school with a lemonade stand.  Two words: grease fire.  School-shylocks are still looking for us…

Added to that, many Americans overly mortgaged their home (in some cases, up to 100 %).  The result was predictably perilous and disastrous as if we humbly attempted to skateboard our way on a metal rail attached to concrete stairs (a lifetime first).  No one would try that, right?

Lots of people have done it (both the skateboard stunt and the overspending/overmortgaging) and failed miserably.

Why do people always buy stuff? To numb fears?  To numb boredom?  We certainly think that partnerships between The Drama Queen Media and an assortment of Nutcases contributed to that.  For example, some Nutcase shoots his boss and a few key employees, before killing himself, and The Drama Queen Media leads off with “Could this happen at your work place?”.  Corporate loves that equation.  Remember: we consume more when we are scared.

Of course, we buy goods for essential needs, right?  *annoying buzzer noise* - WRONG!!!

Electrical-stimulation abdominal belts (working out without efforts…really?), food dehydrators and the Hawaiian Chair (Please…Google it!).  Why don’t you just slap us with a Shamwow!!  Or why not buy the latest 3D plasma television?  It’s about time to get rid of our HD 50 inches plasma television which is already almost 2 years old.  And our neighbour (which looks happier than us) has the brand new 3D screen.  Gonna get me some happy!”.

What about productivity at work?  For a long time, internet porn was the cause of “unproductivity” at work.  Guess what?  Porn is not as sexy as it used to (no pun intended).  Now you have your football and baseball fantasy leagues (takes no more than 6-8 hours per day), social networks, March Madness, TMZ, chats, and e-mail jokes/junk.  If your hobbies get in the way of your job, get rid of the job, they say.

In the end, does the overspending and overpleasures bring happiness?  Well use of anti-depressor, drugs and alcohol constantly increasing tend to point in the opposite direction.

But let’s not fool ourselves.  This is not the decline of a nation.  This is not the decline of an empire.  This is the decline of the people.  If we really want to make this better, we must stop the blaming game (most of the time, based solely on partisanship).  The people, as a whole, has to take the major part of the blame.  No one forced the people to overspend, overmortgage or waste time at work.  Where have we stopped being responsible and accountable adults?  Complaining does not help.  It’s high times to put the debts where the people mouth is (the money is all gone…we have to put something else where our mouth is!!).

Work hard.  Spend less than you make.  Save the difference…for a rainy day.  High school economics…and good ‘ol common sense.

Enough already with all of this Mumbo Jumbo.  If we work hard, we also have a right to play hard.  Miss Beach Party would ask: “Recession? Is that the cool new brand of tequila?”.  (By the way, her original name was Miss Budweiser, but we wanted to broaden our sponsorship possibilities to other kinds of beers, including Duff Beer).

Miss Beach party believes in living the present moment and that you only live once…but in her own way.  After hearing the definition of recession, she would pause and scream “Woo! Hoo! Free Beer! Oh no…I lost my bra.  But I don’t care!”

New Character(s) brought to this Blog: Miss Beach Party (formerly Miss Budweiser) and Corporate (played by companies that have greater revenues than most countries around the world and that watch our every move, to get to know us better).

This week’s lucky number (we know it’s stupid...but please, just play along!): 7 (Yes! Again! And why not?).

Personal message: To my plump-pushing-60 female neighbour that walks naked in her apartment at night, in the dark: “If you open the refrigerator door, I can see you. I would prefer you not doing that”.

Quote of the week:Stop being so stupid…it’s my turn” – Anonymous (Nutcase).

To do: daydreaming.

Rejected song title: It’s not because you’re ugly

Bad choice of a rock band name: Madoff and the Enrons

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