Saturday, October 22, 2011

Flash occupations...a flash in the pan?

Here's a scenario for a movie. Invaders from outer space land in every major cities around the world. The President of the United States (let's say actor Morgan keep it completely fictional!!) tries to make contact with them. Not being able to identify their leader(s) (the Space Invaders all seem very different), he starts to chat with the first one he encounters.

President of the United States: Who is your leader? Your chief? Your commander?

Space Invader: We have none (for the sake of argument, let's pretend he speaks English!).

President of the United States: Why are you here?

Space Invader: We don't know.

President of the United States: What do you want?

Space Invader: We don't know.

After a few days, the President and the rest of the world simply abandon and go back to their activities while the Drama Queen Media tries by all means to scare us by speculating that the Space Invaders are here to annihilate us.

My scenario would be utterly rejected by Hollywood studios because it's boring and pointless (and because there is no sexy female star in it). Maybe I would have a chance to sell it to Bollywood studios (India). However, to do so, I would have to agree to a compromise: the Space Invaders would end up dancing altogether at the end of the movie.

Well, people occupying Wall Street (and Boston, Chicago, L.A., Denver and Seattle), more often than not, sound like the Space Invaders in my scenario.

And don't get me wrong, I'm on their side, completely. Nevertheless, we wouldn't want such a beautiful phenomenon to become a wet blanket.

Everything seems perfect. The flash crowd. The peaceful occupation. The contagious spread around the country, and maybe around the world (there were signs of occupation in Montreal, Canada, too).

The problem? No leader. No central cause(s). No official demands. No concrete or pragmatic solution(s) offered (as opposed to wishful, ideal and fairy tail solutions).

In Syria, Lybia, Egypt, Tunisia, etc., the flash crowds had a very clear message. There was a consensus: "This crazy lunatic dictator has to go...NOW...and we are willing to die
for it!!".

What worries me is that in the case of Wall Street and Co, the message isn't clear. And since the Drama Queen Media has the attention span of a 8 year old with an Attention Deficit Disorder, you have to get the message across before they start ignoring you. In a world where you can't usually repeat as The Flavour of the Day (and if lucky, The Flavor of the Week), you have to say it while you can.

Remember the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti? The Drama Queen Media focused on it. It was The Flavor of the Month (very rare phenomenon). And it was all good too. They desperately needed the attention and the help. However, a month and a half later, Chile suffered an 8.8 magnitude earthquake. Almost no one gave a damn. I guess the public was fed up with earthquakes. They wanted something else. Too bad for Chile...

That is why I'm worried. Are we wasting a joker too soon? Maybe occupants are not organized sufficiently to act now. At least, getting a leader or a spokesperson would help to protect their image when talking to ill intentioned journalists.

Please watch the next clip, more precisely at 1:14.

Well, Erin Burnett, by interviewing a single occupant, that sounded less informed, and by only showing the "marginally colourful" occupants, you are not making your point. You are only proving to the world that you practice Yellow Journalism. You had an agenda. You are a cocky, condescending and intellectually dishonest journalist, Seriously! You should be ashamed of yourself. And it gives you an idea of the direction CNN wants to take. Erin Burnett would fit right in with the Glenn Beck's, Rush Limbaugh's and Bill O'Reilly's.

Moreover, we wouldn't want our only significant souvenir from the flash occupations to be the Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street:

Am I surprised that Republicans and others from the Right said that "The Wall Street occupants are just a bunch of braless, tofu eating, long hair, weird and bearded hippies"? Of course not. But I'm just surprised they don't all agree when it comes down to the disappearance of the middle class. I'm sure there's a lot of Republicans in that segment of the population. It's not about partisanship. Hell, Erin Burnett should worry about it too...when her show gets cancelled!

All of that to say that a leader (like Michael Moore?) or a spokesperson would present arguments to the Erin Burnett's of the world to preserve the good image and the legitimacy of the protest to the eyes of the world. Maybe not a clear plan...but at least clear demands and suggestions of solutions. I agree that there should not be rules for the occupants except maybe to stay peaceful. We wouldn't want the occupants to turn like fans of sports teams celebrating in the streets, after winning a championship, only to see their moment ruined by a handful of morons and jerkoffs thrashing cars and looting stores.

What now? Well let's just say that the jury is still out on that one. As long as the Governments of the world understand that Wall Street, Banks and Mega Corporations need to stay out of the Governments. People need to prevent them from being Reversed Robin Hoods: taking money from to poor to give it to the rich (See the Mortgage Crisis). Somehow, people need to stop them from dissolving the Middle Class, preserving a balance of the distribution of the wealth (and power) so that the system doesn't collapse again.

Banks tried to make us believe that they helped us. In the end, they only provided us with a rope, with a noose, leaving us no choice but to hang ourselves, resulting into a Mortgage Crisis, a recession.

In the meantime, the Modern Circus is as crazy as ever. In the light of this mess, I've decided to trade my car for a flying saucer. I'm pretty sure I will blend right in...(to be continued).

This week’s lucky number: The clue…Snow White and the ______ Dwarfs.
Note to self: Riding my flying saucer will make me avoid traffic.
Note to self #2: Riding my flying saucer too high will definitely increase my chances of hitting a lamp post, transmission tower or electric pylon.
Wise words: If God doesn’t like the way I live, let him tell me, not you.” - To religious representatives knocking on our door on a Saturday morning.
Wise words #2: “Never insult an alligator until you’ve crossed the river.”
Suggestions for new sports worth watching: Full Contact Golf, with no holds barred rules (in other words, players could use their irons or woods to hit something else than a golf ball).
Bad name for a rock group for Wall Street caf├ęs and restaurants (in which occupants used the restrooms): Spray & Spread.

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  1. Very well written and thought provoking piece. Thanks for the information.

  2. this is really well written. you started well, casually and slid easily into the gist of the story. nice

  3. Great use of the analogy, making the reading accessible for the rightly nicknamed A.D.D. type of broadcasting we are used to(which I have a problem with also- skimming the surface and the repetativeness is often mind numbing)- not to mention some blogs!

  4. I already answered your comments with an e-mail message...but just for the record:

    Thank you all for your comments.

    keep sending me your thoughts. I love it.